Premium Chinese Teas by Tea Pavilion

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"TEA PAVILION presents the definitive collection of China's most renowned teas."

With a unique understanding of the lifestyle and tastes of our clientele, Tea Pavilion draws on more than twenty-five years experience of a family-run business, which to this day upholds a tradition of excellence.

Offering an impeccable selection of premium gourmet teas to the most discerning and demanding of clients, we place quality and authenticity at the heart of our tea production.

In order to achieve and maintain the distinctive quality of our teas, our experts have rigorously selected, and skillfully blended, a collection of the finest hand-picked tea leaves, grown in the traditional Chinese methods.

Our commitment to tea is absolute. At Tea Pavilion, we endeavour to captivate the senses of tea connoisseurs, devotees and novices alike with an exceptional assortment of exquisite teas and elegant teaware.

Let us invite you into the fragrant world of Tea Pavilion, where our dedication to cultivate the art of tea drinking is not just a commitment, but a passion.

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